Void builds FAQ


Q: Do you do anything special to your ISO files?
A: Only packages are added to the ISO files, nothing more.

Q: When will you add new images to the lineup?
A: Currently the server can only hold the existing images due to lack of storage.
This is the primary reason I take donations since I get a lot of requests for new images.

Q: Why do images take so long to build?
A: Void Builds is hosted on a single core VPS and this limits how fast images can be built

Q: I am having problems with your images, can you fix it?
A: This depends on the problem; if a missing package is the cause then I can add that package.
However, I cannot fix issues that are more complex due to lack of skills.

Q: What build scripts do you use?
A: I have written a bash script with a series of functions that perform states of the build
Some functions output information to the build status page while others do key signing.
Each image flavor also has its own script which makes use of the void-mklive scripts.
I plan to revise and rework my custom scripts at some point to use less bashisms and make them easier to maintain.

Q: Why does your website look like it came from the 1990s?
A: This is a good question, and the short answer is that I am not a web developer.
I also did not want a website that takes ages to load with complex scripts and difficult navigation.